J.K. Rowling Just Revealed Something Major About The “Fantastic Beasts” Timeline

If you’re a big Harry Potter fan, you’ve probably already seen Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

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And you probably already know that the movie takes place in 1926.

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Following the movie’s opening weekend, J.K. Rowling revealed a bit of information about the series timeline:

Our story starts in 1926 and ends in 1945. It’s just too big to fit in one movie! https://twitter.com/kurtgaming1/status/800646405391908864 

Yep, the series will end in 1945, which is the same year that Dumbledore had his famous duel with Grindelwald!

J.K. Rowling Just Revealed Something Major About The "Fantastic Beasts" Timeline
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Which means we might have to wait allllll the way until the fifth movie to see the duel.

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But that’s OK, just as long as poor Kowalski doesn’t end up having to serve in BOTH world wars.

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We’re just going to have to be very, very patient.

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